Who We Are

The Coaches and Skaters at Redhill and Reigate Artistic Roller Skating Club pride themselves on offering the chance to skate to absolutely everybody.


The club, which in based in the South East of England, sees it members come from many miles away, from different walks of life, to enjoy the chance to improve their skating, together with friends and family. We organise many sessions where skaters can come and skate around or meet new people, for those who simply wish to enjoy skating. For those who are attracted to the challenge of improving their skills and moves can be taught by one of our Coaches or more experienced skaters.

For those skaters who pass our Basic Skill Grades, they can continue to challenge themselves by learning more technical elements like Spins and Jumps, then they can combine all of their skills to compete against other Roller Skating Clubs around the country. The club is proud of the achievements of our competitive skaters who, over many years, have collected a wide range of medals starting from Beginners' Competitions through to National Competition and Championship Standards. It is with these acknowledgements of our ability as a club, that we continue to push our skaters further so that they can achieve their personal bests and set higher standards for the skaters to follow.