What We Do

For the more experienced skaters in our club Competitions and Exhibitions are what they aspire to, with a whole world of Competitions to enter to show off their Skills, Spins and Jumps. However, we do not become good overnight, therefore the club use a system referred to as the Basic Skills Grades. These Grades vary in difficulty starting with skills that build up the Skater's confidence, to skills that really test the balance, control and enthusiasm of the skater, which can often take months to master. All skaters are given a Grade book which list the skills on the difference grades as well as the chance to record their progress.


The Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (FARS) in Britain have recently updated their tests. They are here.


These booklets list the following skills:

Basic Skills Grade One

1. Forward skating with a stop on alternate feet
2. Touch toes whilst skating forward
3. Little man on two feet (hip level with knees or lower)
4. Forward snake pattern to cover min. 3/4 of the floor
5. Skate forward and balancing on alternate feet each for min. of 3 seconds
6. Backward snake pattern, to cover ˝ of the rink

Basic Skills Grade Two

1. T push on to a (straight line and outside edge)
2. Forward stroke skating
3. Little man on one leg (hip level with knees or lower)
4. Skate forward and turn to backward without stopping (Both ways)
5. Skate backward and balance on one foot (3 seconds on each foot)
6. Jump on 2 feet a) stationary and b) forward

Basic Skills Grade Three

1. Forward outside edges (4 continuous) free leg extended behind
2. Forward Inside edges (individual)
3. Forward Change of edge
4. Forward Run (crossed, uncrossed)
5. Intro. to back stroke skating (pushing with slight edges)
6. Forward Glide Waltz Chassé
7. Forward arabesque

Basic Skills Grade Four

1. Forward inside edges (continuous)
2. Back stroke skating
3. Foxtrot movement
4. Toe pushes & Mazurka jumps
5. Backward arabesque
6. Spread
7. Back take off and balance

Basic Skills Grade Five

1. Forward cross rolls
2. Mohawk (heel to heel, heel to instep)
3. Three turns (L & R, FO & FI)
4. Back cross pulls
5. Back Outside edges (with stops)
6. Back change of edge
7. Back inside spin exercise

Basic Skills Grade Six

1. Back Outside Edges
2. Step from backwards to forwards (to FO & FI on both feet)
3. Backward run
4. Back cross rolls
5. Back Glide Waltz Chassé
6. Back Inside spin from a three turn preparation
7. Three jump