Redhill and Reigate Artistic Roller Skating Club was founded by Barry Bridger in the 1980s. Since then the club has grown from a handful of competitive skaters that skated once a week into a large and thriving club with close to 100 members that skate in many different locations.

When founded, the club had about 5 skaters with Barry Bridger being the only coach. They started out skating in a hall the size of 1 Badminton Court. For many years the club used this small hall for: practising for competitions (often held in halls 6 times the size), performing shows, encouraging new people to join and much, much more.

Around 10 years later 1 Badminton Court was no longer able to hold the expanding club, and we needed more coaches to ensure everyone got the best coaching sessions. Therefore, the club moved to a local College's hall as well as offering other sessions at the local YMCA.

Since then, the club has continued to expand, offering the chance to skate to many local school children by running after school sessions at several local schools. Shortly after this the club also received funding to buy hire skates so that everyone could have the chance to skate. Ever since then the club has continued to grow into the wide range of members that can be seen skating today.

Today you will also find us at the Hawthorns School in Bletchingley for weekly Fun Skates, Lessons and monthly Roller Discos.